djon (John Rasmussen - born January 30th 1969 - youngest of 3 brothers) is a danish autodidact singer and musician, who grew up in Naestved, Denmark. At the age of 10 he learned himself playing the drums at the family residence borrowing his brothers drumkit, mostly listening to the danish bands Tøsedrengene and Shubidua. After that he was joining different youth bands playing the drums during his school years.
Later on he gained interest in Synthesizers, samplers and drummachines and learned himself playing the keyboards listening to artist like Kraftwerk, A-ha, Howard Jones, Jean-Michel Jarre and Depeche Mode.
Still playing the drums he was touring Denmark, Greenland and Germany with his club band New Clarks, and after a couple of years away from touring he returned to the livestage with the band On Location, but now singing and playing the keyboard. January 2016 was the last performance from the band at Hotel Munkebjerg, Vejle, Denmark.
After showing interest in producing, John entered the Danish Television show "Stjerne for en aften" (Star for a night) in 2001, hoping to gain some experience in what producing was like. Almost another decade went by with touring and remixing artists like Carpark North, Camille Jones and Hej Matematik, but in 2010 John finally decided to write and produce his own music. Under the name "djon" his debut album "PLUSMINUS" (2011) was a true solo-project: The writing, composing, recording, mixing, artwork, music videos - the whole production - was made entirely by djon. Just to find out which part of the production he liked the most. Along with the launch of his second project, still to be untitled.
djon is also getting more into producing other artist , which could be expanding in the future through the company JR Productions.